• Mission Statement

    To create designs that translate human energy into unique environments, which are spiritually healing, inspirational, naturally comfortable and soothing to the soul.

    Design Vision

    To use design as a multi-dimensional and powerful art form, to translate human energy into a living environment that is as unique and as personalized as an individual's fingerprint.

  • Maria Savina

    "I believe interior design is a form of spiritual connection and positive transformation, so you can go out and make the change".

    Maria Savina

  • My Bio

    I started my business in 2008 when I had little chance to follow the traditional career path with so many renowned designers losing their jobs. During this, though time totally out of necessity I began searching for freelance projects, which inspired me to open the design firm.


    I was so lucky to get my remarkable experience in working in North America and overseas, and based on this diverse experience I developed my own style of working with people, I have built astonishing projects in Canada, USA, Russia and Europe. I would often take my inspiration from the diversity of people, countries I have worked, and the cultures I have experienced.


    I studied all aspects of interior design to be able to work on projects for people with completely different demands, culture and interests: color theory, psychology, ergonomics, space planning and many other, so I can help people realize their dreams and potentials to give them want they want, so they can go out and make the change.


    This is how my desires and beliefs became a success and led me to international projects.


    Now that I am an established interior designer I think that my strongest feature has always been my ability to connect with people, asking the right questions to unearth what it is they really want and need from their environment (e.g. security, calm, connection, order, respite, functionality) and transform these positive emotions into the space of their homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants...


    I am so happy to have this chance to make a difference in people’s lives.












  • List of Completed Projects

    Address and the details can be provided upon request

    Brickell 3 bedroom Condo / Miami / FL/ 2020 (in progress)

    Residential Midtown One Bedroom Condo / Manhattan, NY/2018

    Full Appartment Architectural Remodel and Redesign / Moscow, Russia / 2018

    Park Slope 2 Family House Development /Brooklyn, NY/ 2017

    The Plaza Residensies / Manhattan, NY/ 2017

    Set Design for the musical "Food love like" / Manhattan, NY / 2017

    Residential Uptown Cottage House / Yorktown, New York / 2016

    Set Design for the broadway movie musical "Streetwrite" / Manhattan, NY/ 2016

    Residential Kips Bay House / Manhattan, NY/2016

    Residential Developer Project Arena/ 35 apartments/ Newark, NJ/ 2016

    Residential Private Upper West Side Condo /New York, NY/ 2015

    Residential Private Condo / Moscow , Russia / 2015

    Residential Private Loft / Moscow, Russia / 2014

    Residential Staircase Design in Private House / Moscow, Russia/ 2014

    Residential Private Celebrity House / Moscow, Russia/ 2014

    Commercial Restaurant Park Museon / Moscow, Russia / 2013

    Commercial Private Cinema / Moscow, Russia / 2013

    Residential Private Apartment / Moscow, Russia /2013

    Real Estate Concept Development 3 Residential Houses / Moscow, Russia / 2012

    Residential Private House / Moscow, Russia / 2012

    Bathroom Design in Condominium / Moscow. Russia / 2012

    Residential Private Mansion / Toronto, Canada / 2010

    Commercial Wellness Center / Toronto, Canada / 2010

    Residential Bathroom Design / Toronto, Canada/ 2010


  • Design Approach

    I work tirelessly to ensure that my clients enjoy the entire process by providing white glove service from design to completion, and delivering a finished product on time and on the budget - a living space that they can be proud of and will transform and improve their lives for years to come.

    My diverse cultural background and international global design experience lead me to fearlessly mix many styles and trends, from both America and Europe, that create a visually stunning and a cutting edge look, while still maintaining practicality and livability.

    I carefully observe my clients in their living environment, allowing me to understand them and their needs on a deeper level. Their body language, non-verbal cues, and energy help me create a very powerful design that connects with them on both a conscious and subconscious level - that traditional design techniques cannot.

    Every one of my designs is uniquely tailored to a specific client’s psychology while perfecting the architectural dynamics and ergonomics of their living space.

    My designs transform living spaces into therapeutic environments, which are spiritually healing, inspirational, naturally comfortable and soothing to the soul.

    I believe that design is a multi-dimensional and powerful art form that can translate human energy into a living environment that is as unique and as personalized as an individual's fingerprint. This perspective has and will continue to disrupt traditional thinking in design techniques and the way humans have traditionally created their living environments.

  • Richard Cohen

    "I hired North American Homes to assist me in creating a fun, comfortable, well-designed bed room for my seven-year-old boy within certain budgetary constraints. Maria met or greatly exceeded every expectation of mine and all within budget. She is a delight to work with and I’d recommend her highly."

    Piero Basso

    Thank you, Maria. Your help with the art direction has been extremely important toward making work our crazy but at the end rewarding idea to make that space work and overcome all the complexities of it. I'm incredibly happy that our risky idea of extremism the visual of the court room has paid off in the end and we got the scenes as we did.

    Thank you again for your valuable help."

    Anna Geva

    "I was very happy! Interesting how she relates to you and how fast she is! And I really appreciate her and recommend her to anyone!"

    Seon Robinson

    "Thank you, Maria. Very grateful for your talent and contributions to the art direction. The location really transformed with the production design, which is superb."

    Sergey S.

    "I worked with Maria on the design of my apartment. At the preparation stage, we mutually structured my ideas into precise requirements to the design/interior which reflected my habits, preferences, and hobbies. Currently, I'm in the implementation phase and need to admit that the level of deviation from initial plan is insignificant which confirms the quality and forethought of the design project. I recommend Maria to my friends and acquaintances."


    Jill Halam

    "Maria helped me with a bathroom design. I appreciated her knowledge and ethical working values. The end project was beautiful. Would recommend her and use her again for further projects."


    Larisa Dydykina

    "We were looking for a company that could offer perfect design ergonomic home. Not every designer is ready to spend time on foreseeing real-life usability of beautiful design. Maria is the one who does pay attention to this. Thank you."

    Misha Esterovskiy

    "The designer worked fast and creative. I think that Maria Savina is one of the best and client oriented designers in town."

    Alex M

    "We really appreciate your work. You showed us the functionality that our apartment could offer, while keeping the comfort in beautiful design."

  • Prior Professional Experience

    Principal Designer & Project Manager, 2018-Present

    Exclusive artistic and architectural interior designs tailored to unique and individual clients needs and wants. Construction and full project management coordination.

    North American Homes

    Partner, Principal Interior Designer, 2013-2017

    Designing, project managing and coordinating residential and commercial developer projects In USA. Construction and product delivery administration.

    Savina Interiors

    Founder, Principal Interior Designer, 2010- 2013

    Meeting clients and determining their requirements. Delivering projects under strict deadlines and within the client’s budget. Preparing drawing, sketches, proposals, and quotations for clients.


    Grand Valley Building

    Interior Designer, 2010-2010

    Holding a position as a principal designer developing and redesigning architectural features and a space planning flow for a private mansion in Canada (over 3000 square meters) in the Italian style.


    Centura Floor and Wall Fashions

    Sales, Interior Design Consultant, 2007-2010

    Accessing clients need in bathroom and kitchen design. Having increased sales and gained new customers by advising best solution of product application. Composing and designing showroom displays.


  • Education 

    Interior Design


    International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT)

    Canada, Toronto

    Autodesk 3D Max Design Modeling


    Bauman Moscow State Technical University

    Russia, Moscow

  • Contact Us

    347 493 7528



    71 Broadway, Lobby 2B #258

    New York, NY, 10006

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