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Retro Revival

vivacious, edgy and unique...

Who says we should leave the past behind us? Not when we can bring it back up-to-date and give it a cool contemporary kick. With Retro Revival we take the 20th century as our inspiration and draw on the fabulous fashions, original hues and period charms of the 50s, 60s and 70s to bring back lost treasures, elegant styles and good times.

This classic style does not speak to any one period, more it takes the character, vigour, art and culture from landmark eras to create a vivacious, edgy and unique style for your home.

From country charm to modern retro we apply new thinking to days gone by to achieve a retro look that is bursting with warmth, energy and life. With innovative use of angles, materials, forms, colour contrasts, classic pieces of furniture, fun and funky products and accessories it’s a gorgeous blast from the past that brings distinctive and vintage flair to your living space.

Retro is all the rage and we have a range of styles, looks, elements and approaches to chime in with your tastes and individuality, to give you a thoroughly modern retro home.

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