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Manhattan Chic

Refined elegance...

Manhattan is all about downtown chic, creating an in vogue home with original and eye-catching interiors. Taking our cue from the arty vibrancy of Soho, each room is alive with its own vibrant personality. Each one like a precious work of art, balancing shape, texture, form and function.

Sleek, contemporary and full of immaculate designer details our Manhattan range is broad, giving us the perfect palette to create your high-style abode. With a masterful use of bold and adventurous concepts, flowing floor plans, serene and seductive colors and original artworks we bring out the hidden character of your home whilst maintaining the functionality of each living space.

By creating and accenting standout features your versatile home will enjoy an imposing presence in your prestigious areas.

Clutter and conformity have no place here and your home’s Manhattan transformation is a triumph of organization and order that furnishes your needs and allows you to easily meet the hectic demands of your modern life.

An infusion of eclectic elements gives a stylish urban feel that exudes refined elegance, warmth and sophisticated charm. The overall effect is of a superbly well-designed luxury living space that is unique, original and as fresh as it is exciting.

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