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A "Real Phony" Glamour

from Atmosphere to the Zest of life...

If someone is real phony in the sense of a Truman Capote personage and really believes in elegance, opulence, custom made furniture, exquisite designer details and exotic materials, Glamour Style is prescribed for such a person.True Glamour style is all about individuality and imagination, creating dramatic homes that evoke the finest in elegance and class.

It takes a lot of courage to revamp your home with all the unbridled glamour, dramatic flair and style that are the hallmarks of luxurious living.

The beauty, charm and fascination of your home with seductive palettes, beautiful touches, understated chic lighting and graceful styles, while eluding an air of mystique, just like the glamorous movie stars of old: this is what this style is about.

By pampering your home with sophisticated elements you will be transforming your life into an exceptional showcase.

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